With a view to ensure quality in continuous process for academic and administrative excellence as has been recommended by NAAC (National Accreditation Assessment Council), our College has established in February 2019 the IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell) as a part of the post accreditation quality sustenance activities. It functions as a core quality enhancing system thro’ a participatory approach towards enhancing and sustaining quality culture within the College. The IQAC comprises six members headed by the Principal with representations from faculty, management and other stakeholder sides.

IQAC organizes workshops, seminars and training programmes on quality related themes. Feedback collection is a part of quality assurance process and IQAC plays a very important role in this regard. Teacher feedback is taken using feedback forms by the Principal’s office twice in a semester. It also collects feedback on every staff research presentation. IQAC also focuses on group discussions with students and parents to understand their problems and resolve same.