About the College

MEENAKSHI AMMAL ARTS AND SCIENCE COLLEGE is a private, unaided College approved by the Government of Tamil Nadu and affiliated to the University of Madras. It was established in 2001 and is governed by Meenakshi Ammal Trust, a Public Charitable and Educational Trust. The College is named after the Founder Chairperson Tmt. D. Meenakshi Ammal, a philanthropist who wanted the socio-economically backward students residing in and around Uthiramerur to have access to quality education. The College offers six undergraduate courses and a postgraduate course in Commerce.

The primary aim of the College is to provide students a conducive learning environment, to help them kindle their skills, to help them develop their full academic potential and to equip themselves fully to face the challenges of the highly competitive world.

Beyond academics, the College grooms students intellectually, spiritually, ethically, socially, artistically and physically. The College further instils in the students the courage necessary to make an impactful change in society. The discipline required to do so is developed during the three years of the undergraduate student life in the college. A trained programme officer would supervise (supported by required number of faculty staff) the students in camps and programmes organized in the name of National Cadet Corps, Youth Red Cross, National Service Scheme.