Meenakshi Ammal Arts And Science College (MAASC) stands high as a legacy of 20 years old educational group which is a result of a nascent dream and great vision. Amazing leaps in pedagogy and technology at the College have created new paradigms for students to face the challenges of tomorrow by maximizing the learning cycle. The College is known for continuously embracing changes for producing better results every subsequent year in terms of academic results and placements offerings. The College has gone through metamorphic infrastructural developments, construction of new College building and increased intake of students.

Today, the change is so rapid that the education system has to keep itself abreast of the latest development in industries across the globe. With greater awareness, excellent education and effective change MAASC continues to accelerate to meet the pace of change in the business landscape.

We congratulate the meticulous team at MAASC for spending considerable time on discreetly preparing, planning, training and building the new ways of educating the youth of our nation for sustainable development.

We welcome you to join us and witness the journey of an enriching experience of transformation for a promising future with us!

A N Radhakrishnan, MA, DCom                          Gomathi Radhakrishnan

Managing Trustee                                                        Correspondent